Status Check

It's 9:54, and the morning rain is now enveloped in a thick fog that makes it feel like we who are up here on the 27th floor are floating away in a big, dark cloud. The office is dark and quiet - it feels as if the weather is making us hibernate the best we can inside our cubicles and offices.

I'm listening to a shuffle of all of the jazz I have on my computer. It's not jazz jazz...it's all vocal; friends of mine like Ella and Frank and the Manhattan Transfer and Diana Krall. I daresay the playlist is probably more accurately described by the unthinkable term "easy listening," but don't tell anyone. ;) I love that in the handful of songs I've listened to so far, one of them has been "Gentle Rain" and another one has been "A Foggy Day."

My to-do list for the day is shockingly small. I've been working through a formidable list of tasks over the last week or so, but all of the sudden, I'm nearing the end. Most of the things that remain are things that depend on other people's schedules and agendas.

So today, I think, will turn out to be a day of waiting. Waiting on others to get back to me, waiting to see if anything gets added to my to-do list, waiting to see if anyone notices my haircut, waiting (still) to hear back any news after my second call committee interview a week ago Saturday, waiting to see what the weather forecast looks like on Friday (and if our plans to drive to Nashville will be foiled or not), waiting to hear whether Matt has a group meeting tonight and whether we'll be able to go out for our rain check Valentine's Day dinner tonight...

It will be interesting to see how the day goes; whether it moves along quickly as we all retreat into our own cocoons of thought and work, or whether the grayness will slow time as we all wish we could retreat to our homes for naps and blankets and comfort food.


  1. i have so much to do today, i wish i could just crawl under your desk and take a nap amidst the fog... - k

  2. but first i would notice your haircut! :-)