Week One, Day Two - 1.5 Miles

Still smiling on day 2!
I am not the biggest morning person you'll ever meet, so please note the fact that it is 7:05am and I've already gone running and taken a shower. There are plenty of people who love running in the morning. They say that it energizes them, wakes them up, starts their day off on the right foot (no pun intended), is cooler, is pretty because they can see the sunrise, etc. I certainly understand all that. When I was running this morning, I loved that there were only a few other people out and about. It felt like a secret early-morning club. And I loved the cool breeze. But I still have a hard time running in the morning. It's hard for me to pull myself out of bed and get moving, and it's hard for me to run when my body doesn't feel quite awake. When I run in the mornings, I generally feel like I get tireder faster.

But, given the fact that I have evening meetings most nights of the week, morning running it is!

This morning's run was better than yesterday's run. I paced myself better, and felt generally stronger during both the first half of the run and especially the last quarter mile or so. I still gave up and walked a short time, so I need to keep working on my stamina.

Part of the problem, I think, is that while I picked an easy there-and-back route, along familiar road that has a great biking/walking path running alongside...it is also a route that is downhill all the way from home to my turnaround point, and then uphill all the way back. So the front half of my run always feels easier than it should, and the back half feels harder than it should. But this, too, should get better with time and practice.

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