On projects and egg sandwiches

When the stars align, Fridays are my day off. They often take on a mix of crafts, outdoor activities, cleaning projects, and flat-out wasting time. Depending on the week, Fridays also sometimes include a work-from-home component.

Today is a Friday. And it is project day. I just want to do all sorts of projects of all varieties. I did some writing projects this morning, and I want to do all sorts of blogging projects. I want to work on knitting projects, I engaged in a cleaning-the-kitchen project and a tidy-up-after-rearranging-furniture project, and I am about to head to IKEA to complete a hanging-up-artwork project. I looked up recipes for a baking project to use up a bunch of apples, and I rearranged part of my closet.

But for all of my project-inclination today, by the time I sat down for lunch, I didn't want my meal to be a project. I wanted something simple. I went for my go-to simple meal these days: an egg and bagel sandwich. Doesn't matter the quality of the bagel, though it's amazingly delicious with a GOOD bagel. Eggs are always scrambled and topped with lots of sriracha. Sometimes a few slices of cheddar cheese if I feel like it. Sometimes bacon or ham if I have it. But really, bagel/eggs/hot sauce do the trick.

See, I think that I end up doing lots of projects to help me feel like I am organizing and simplifying my life. And I probably am. But at the end of the day, it doesn't take much more than a totally uninspired (but delicious) sandwich (plus a cat who likes to sneak her way into my lap) to help me regain a bit of balance after a lopsided week, and to help me take a deep breath after too many days of running around like crazy.

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